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"Something to Live For" - Adva Reichman, USA, 2019, 20’

Nabila, an 8 months pregnant Palestinian woman, whose husband died in the Israeli prison, wants to revenge his death. With the help of Hamas, she plans a terror attack in Israel. The premature birth of her baby makes her reconsider, but will Hamas let her off the hook?

Director Statement
On the summer of 2014 three teenagers were kidnapped by Hamas. The nation got thrown into a race of locating their whereabouts. We reported from their houses, spoke to their families, and tracked the search. We had hope. I had hope. The announcement of their death diminished that.
Then the war began, rockets were fired at us day and night, and the Israeli army went into Gaza.
Then came death. Working in the media, I found myself constantly speaking with families who had just lost their loved ones. Grief is a hard concept to deal with. In and out of work I would hear of death on both the Israeli and the Palestinian sides. Towards the end of the war the pain affected me. That was when inspiration found its way too. It emerged from the breaking point in which reality seemed incomprehensible and at the same time too familiar. Growing up in Israel, I found it inevitable to be influenced by this topic. Dealing with it is my way of attempting to understand it. Life is not black or white. War is not black or white.
Writing about a woman, who could have been any one of us, in an impossible situation, is how I try to make sense of it all. Somehow. I believe that we must always strive for peace, to improve all of our lives.
We joined hands- Jews and Muslims- and made this film together. I think that is a wonderful way to begin…

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