"Iron Warrioresses" - Jelena Mila, Sweden & Serbia, 2018, 80'

Modern women suffering and true stories of Angels - Women volunteers in First World War.

Women volunteers in the First World War - Iron Warrioresses is the testimony of Modern Mother Courage, where distance memories appear as a deep-rooted notion to the modern woman today, throughout the army of women that took a weapon and went to war - World War I. Time is irrelevant - same today 2018, as for 100 years ago 1918, during the World War I. This army of women angels-warrioresses from the past revives in main character Leki - awakening her forgotten memory. Angels epic narration from the past emerge as a warning sign same as Sabatons music, letting the public hear the deepest confession of the Modern Woman today no matter where, when and why bloody conflicts show their faces. The film is dedicated to the women courage and strength to resist wartime.


Jelena Mila

Conny Vakare
Key Cast “Mats”

Henrik Evers
Key Cast “Coach Henrik”

Julia Jallow Marinkovich
Key Cast “Youth Coach Jules ”

Uroš Maksimović