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"Peace Bullet" - Michael Georgiades, Cyprus, 2018, 20'

PEACE BULLET is an antiwar documentary film. In it is the real story of two ex-soldiers (a Greek and a Turkish) who during the war in Cyprus in 1974 were fighting each other and on the 21st of July 1974 the Turkish soldier (Fethi Akintzi) shoot in his head the Greek soldier (Yiannis Maratheftis) who finally managed to survive.
Their story came on the surface through my book ''IGNORED 1974''. Fethi Akintzi, for many years was thinking that Yiannis was dead, but after Fethi read the translation in Turkish of my book realized that Yiannis is alive. Then Fethi called me and I arranged a meeting between the two ex- enemies who after the meeting became best friends.
Recently, in cooperation with the two men, I did their story a documentary film. The duration of the film is 20 minutes. The dialogue is in Greek and Turkish but there are subtitles in English.

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