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"Snu" - Patrícia Sequeira, Portugal, 2018, 90'

Elegant and discrete, fearless and a dreamer: Ebba Merete Seidenfaden, the Danish publisher who became known as Snu Abecassis, and who defied Portuguese dictatorship in the name of love, culture and literacy.
Her affair with Prime Minister Francisco de Sá Carneiro shocked post-revolutionary Portugal in the 70s as their romance flew in the face of the prevailing conventions.
“Snu” recounts her story since after moving to Lisbon with her husband Vasco Abecassis in the 1960s and devoting herself to her new publishing house, releasing controversial books, until the day of her death at only 40 years old.
Defying the PIDE (International and State Defence Police), Snu left no one indifferent to her strong and confrontational personality. At that time, Snu couldn't have imagined how her life would change completely from the moment she had lunch with one the interviewees for the collection of books called “Participate” - he was Francisco Sá Carneiro, to become the great love of her life.
Inspired by true events, “Snu” tells the story of love and bravery up to the couple's final hours, when they died in a plane crash in 1980, the details of which are still murky and controversial nearly forty years later.