"Unknown Ravens" - Sema Basharan, UK, 2018, 20’

Willie Heider, a 17-year-old German machine gunner, is drafted into the army in 1942. During his two years as a soldier, he never shoots a man. His rejection of armed conflict, and subsequent capture by Allied forces, leads him on a journey that would change the course of his life. Meanwhile, a family in Oxfordshire host numerous German and Italian prisoners of war on their farm. Like many from the Brethren Christian community, they are conscientious objectors. Their stand for peace and commitment to love their enemies causes them to be shunned by society in a time of patriotism and war-fever. When Willie Heider arrives at the English family farm as a POW, he is welcomed with open arms, and experiences love and acceptance in the home of his foes. Meanwhile, as Britain begins to recover after the war, the devastation and poverty in Germany is far more severe. The Brethren family are moved to send aid to Germany out of their own rations, which sparks a glimmer of hope to a nation emerging out of the rubble. With exclusive access to previously unpublished prisoner of war images, this oral history documentary brings a unique and challenging perspective on one of the most tragic events in human history.


Unknown RAvens Molly and Doris Unknown Ravens still