"One" - Serena Valletta & Alessandro Fiorucci, Italy, 2018, 8’

Our goal with this short movie is to make the whole humanity sensible to protect and keep our one world clean. Air is now full of fine dust, unbreathable for anyone. The cause of all this is only man, who has plundered his natural habitat with his egoism. Land has become a hostile place for all of humanity, we have totally annihilated ourselves with our reckless actions, Consumerism, War, Oil power, waste speculation and water pollution, he won on survival and the respect of all living species, bringing us in 2297 to extinction ... or almost. From here starts with strong and real images, One, a military trained in extreme situations. He leaves a bunker, where he was on a mission for a survival test. The earth has changed, can not breathe, but thanks to a mask that has with it, take a breath. Immediately try to understand what happened in the world. The situation is dramatic. By now it is late and the earth has unleashed its wrath, just as it did millions of years ago with the dinosaurs, leading them to extinction. One, equipped part, and begins his research with a very limited time "3 days".

Directors: Serena Valletta & Alessandro Fiorucci

Producer: Giuseppe Morucci