"The Night the Wind Blew" - David Alamouti, UK, 2018, 16'

In a decrepit outskirts of a London rarely seen. Nine year old Sami- a second generation Turkish boy- wants nothing more than to be taken seriously by his older brother Ali and his friends. When Ali is forced to take Sami out with him, Sami is presented the chance to prove himself and take his seat at the table.

This poetic drama, featuring amazing performances by real-life brothers and non-actors Junayed and Mujahed Guven- explores the shifting nature of masculine identity and the turmoil of adolescents.

David Alamouti

Samin Sadaat

Nic Nazari

Junayed Given
Key Cast “Sami”

Mujahed Guven
Key Cast

Sonnyboy Skelton
Key Cast

Aofie Checkland
Key Cast



The night the wind Blew poster The night the wind Blew still





Published in 2019, Veterans Shorts