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«How Bluebirds are born» – Lexi Bass, USA, 2018, 65′

Carl Jung suggests that dreams may be the language by which our unconscious minds communicate with our conscious minds, and that dream diaries kept over years may produce patterns. In my own records of 12 years, predatory birds repeatedly appear as emblems of sexual predation.

How Bluebirds Are Born represents over two years of work and collaboration with many dedicated artists, but also decades of nightmares, painfully recorded, detail for detail in the wee hours of the night. It also represents a transcendence from the circumstances which caused those nightmares.
If my nightmares engage the relationship of predator and prey, survival of the fittest is not so easily settled by scores of strength, agility or poisonous maneuvers. Transcendence is as creative and cunning a pursuit as transgression. However, prey is always only a few genetic adaptations from becoming the predator. How Bluebirds Are Born highlights our ability to adapt, evolve, transcend and survive. Most importantly, this film elaborates a form of adaptation completely unique to the human animal - the ability to reflect and synthesize the knowledge of our unconscious with our concrete reality.