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«Quest» - Lorena Kirk, Socrates Lambropoulos, Venetia Kotsalou, Greece, 2018, 7'


Shadows in front of me, next to me ... footprints ... traces. They walk with me. They express myself.
Imprints of a lost yesterday.
Shadows whisper.

Voices ... from the unknown depth of my soul comes a voice.

Worlds as a whole. Sinking worlds and me - the receiver ... all the weight over me .. in my cells, the continuity of all.

In the beginning, was the chaos .. the absolute disharmony .. That was the meaning of my journey .. the quest for the meaning of my life, for the lost harmony and peace.

Yesterday and tomorrow are illusions ... only "today", "now", "I am", is reality.

We are from soil and in the soil we return... These stones without a face .. we are ... from the depths of the ages.

Two situations torture the human existence: the past and the future. We are trapped in yesterday ... we are filled with terror for tomorrow ... they are killing our today.

Impressions, photographs, memories .... Life is a mosaic of moments ..

Stones .. pitiful .. monumental .. Eternal witnesses. Footprints, traces.
Ancient Corinth surrounded by giant guards from stone-witnesses of a lost world.
Accumulated energy from past lives. Concentration .. transformation into simple forms.
Hidden figures look for a face... for an identity that will pull them out of the dark.

A form walks ... becomes alive - it is alive. Woman, girl, child - no matter ..
Moment of reality .. I am - I am ..
A captured moment ... and this "I am" is past ...
Moments ... days ... years .... One hundred years ... five thousand years ... it does not matter ... just moments.

Moments ... .. as seeds ... they germinate .. they become flowers .. and wither. They fall, they rot on the earth .... and they return to soil.

Absolute silence. Light.
The sound of birds .... Voices ....
Stones .. Many stones ... stones that give birth to people ...
Stones are talking to me...

The first time I came to Greece I had a vision: the earth is swirling and from the dust, forms are emerging .. human faces .. the rocks greet me, as ancient mythical kings.
Mountain peaks are transformed into ancient Acropolis ....

I use images from the ancient world to today .. they are united, they survive, there are alive. Everything is a moment .. a human ...

This feeling I have when I sit in front of the sea .. The sea is a theatrical scene - static, unchanging .. nothing changes. Always the same sea, the same waves ... the voice of waves ... is the same man in different disguises ..

Hardened earth ... for me this earth is holy ... and I am a seed... that I become flower, light, life.

Everything a human does, every activity is a circle. An effort by Sisyphus to raise the huge stone to the top of the mountain - and to gain his freedom, his salvation from death.

Life is a gift ...

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