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Hugo – Theo Pavlou, UK, 2016, 12'

Περίληψη: Μια μαγευτική ιστορία για τον HUGO, ένα νεαρό, που γεννήθηκε με πολύ μακριά δάχτυλα. Φοβούμενος την κοροϊδία των άλλων και ζώντας μονάχος σε ένα εγκαταλελειμμένο θέατρο, ασκεί με τα χέρια του κουκλοθέατρο σκιών επιθυμώντας να μοιραστεί με άλλους τις μαγικές του ιστορίες.

Synopsis: Overcoming adversity and turning around what appears as a shortcoming into a gift is the theme of this film. HUGO was born with unusually long fingers that became the taunt for other children in the orphanage where his parents had abandoned him. As a refuge alone at night, HUGO created hand shadows that narrated fantastic tales. Now a young man, HUGO lives a solitary existence in an abandoned theatre fearing the mockery of others. Wishing to share his stories, HUGO decides to perform “The Ugly Duckling” in this disused venue. 
Whilst putting up posters, HUGO notices CASSIE, a beautiful young woman folding swan origami napkins in a retro fifties diner where she works. Looking up, CASSIE smiles back at HUGO but he runs away. A pair of torn disregarded gloves that HUGO repairs to hide his fingers fills him with confidence as he returns to the café where to amuse a young child sitting at a table nearby, HUGO creates against a wall the shadow of a rabbit whilst CASSIE impressed looks on. Approaching the counter with his arms folded behind him, HUGO does not notice the little girl tugging at his gloves. With the material suddenly coming away exposing his fingers, HUGO embarrassed takes refuge back in his theatre. 
Soon the audience fills the venue and unbeknown to HUGO, CASSIE is amongst them. Feasted by this magical puppetry, the crowd enthusiastically applauds before trickling out. CASSIE waits for HUGO to appear but in vain as he shyly retreats behind the curtains. Reluctantly walking away, CASSIE leaves behind an origami swan as a reminder of her visit. 
Returning to the café, CASSIE practices shadow puppetry creating a swan. Entering the room HUGO slowly reaches forward to complete the shape thus forming as their hands gently meet, the shadow of a heart. 



Είδος/Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Παραγωγός/Producer: Theo Pavlou

Σκηνοθέτης/Director: Theo Pavlou

Ηθοποιοί/Starring: Linus Karp, Lucy Kane

Διάρκεια/Duration: 11′47

Διάλογοι/Language: Αγγλικοί/English
Υπότιτλοι/Subtitles: Αγγλικοί&Ελληνικοί/English&Greek


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